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To this support/education site for our Amazing ASEA Team and Associates! Many people ask: "How do I get started in ASEA?" We have distilled the answer to this question into 3 basic steps:

123 1. Drink ASEA & use RENU 28: Review Step #1 below before your ASEA arrives.
2. Share ASEA/RENU 28 & the Business Opportunity: Listen to the recordings on Step #2 when you are ready to start sharing ASEA with others
3. Plug IN! to our duplicable system of support and training: Explore the links on Step #3 as time allows.
Now, scroll down to the simple 3 steps below.
Wishing you Health, Happiness, and Prosperity in your ASEA journey!
Your ASEA Friends Trish & Bob Schwenkler 



Click on the full screen icon at bottom of the video box to get big video
ASEA Usage Guide(11 min.)

(Note: the spray bottle mentioned in the ASEA Usage Guide is no longer included with the ASEA case. Get the spray bottle from ASEAstore)

RENU 28 Usage Guide(8 min.)

ASEA Usage Guide pdf
RENU 28 Usage Guide
50 Ways to Use RENU28
Body Inventory Form pdf (this is also in the usage guide)
Athlete Benchmark pdf

How to Maximize ASEA Results
w/Torsten Sedlmeier


Share ASEA/Renu28

• Find a Mentor w/Kathryn Vere (listen below) Download pdf

• Invite & Use a Tool w/Sally Trautner (listen below) Download Invite & Use a Tool pdf

Download More invite scripts (Bobby Martin) pdf
• Sizzle call 800 444-6918 ext 702 (700 product, 701 athletes)


Plug In

•Daily Essential Training Call:
Mon. thru Fri. 11am est, (712) 432-0075 code 635808#
   • the ALIFT system
• Plug into the Weekly Calls
• Additional Training Site

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